I have been eaten alive! No, not by Zombies...by Mosquitoes!

The total as of right now is 32 bites on my right hand, 10 on my left, and 2 on my shoulder. My right hand is the hand I hold my bow with (I shoot lefty) so it was the most exposed thing on my body. It is absolutely miserable and itchy!

I normally don't sit in the woods this early into hunting season since since it's still fairly hot and humid here in Eastern NC. Mosquitoes are less active when the temperature gets below 45 degrees and above 95 degrees. Which normally means as it starts to get colder or after the first freeze, you're good. They do not like direct sunlight or windy conditions, but sitting in sun can make you sweat and also work against your camouflage. ground hunters like myself are slightly at the disadvantage since they prefer to stay close to the ground, and thrive in thick vegetation. Things like movement and sweat attract these pests as well, but we all know how are it is to not swat at their painful bites.

So, how can you help prevent mosquitoes without completely killing your hunt?

Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes

Your clothing will create an actual barrier between your skin and your buggy friend. They make clothes like bug suits, or clothes that gave repellent in them, those work wonders. Keep your skin covered with things like hats, gloves, and face nets will help keep them from praying on exposed skin. The problem with layers, is they get HOT. If you are hunting before the first freeze or before the temperature really drops, layers can make you sweat. The problem with sweat, it attracts mosquitoes.

The Thermacell is a hunters best friends. It's silent and odorless. Thermacell works by creating a barrier around you that mosquitoes can't or won't go through. It uses a small disposable butane cartridge and a repellent pad. It is only effective if you are sitting still since the wind ruins the smoke or whatever it creates to protect you. I learned the hard way that it can take10-30 minutes to warm up. Other than those draw backs, this is hands down your best bet!

Everyone always asks, can't I use bug spray? Well, you could...but don't expect to catch much! We all know that smell...that horrible bug spray smell. Big Game know it too, and can smell it for miles. For small game, it should be perfect. Don't let the "scent free" trick you, it still has a small to it, as the sprays that claim to cover scent, have a slight smell as well. Play it safe, don't use sprays or lotions when hunting big game.

Blinds and Nets
If you are hunting in a ground blind, you should have more protection than those whom like myself just sit out in the open. The netting helps minimize bugs. There

Hope this helps! Good luck to all of you who like myself, are too sweet for mosquitoes to resist!

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