In the last week, I have had two up close and personal run ins with fox while sitting in the woods. I have always loved Fox, and have always seemed to run into them while hunting, but THIS has just been insane! I'm like a fox magnet!

I know Fox have a horrible reputation, when in reality they are not only not vicious, they are actually very non-confrontational animals. However, these ones I have had experiences with have come right up to me, and wanted to chatter and talk and see what was up. I was mortified and excited all at the same time. I was half tempted to call one of them and try to pet it!

Fox, though cute, will ruin a hunt with their women like screams. It alerts other Fox and the entire forest that there is danger and that just about wraps up your morning hunt. So, as long as they keep pleasant and don't try to attack me, we should be good...

I see a fox tattoo in my future...and shall hereby dub myself, The Vixen.



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