'Effective Mosquito Repellant you don't spray on"

The tag line says it all. The Thermacell is every hunters best friend. This amazing device will create a 15 x 15 foot barrier around you using butane and a repellant pad. It takes around 10 minutes to fully heat up and work. The Thermacell creates almost a smoke like surrounding, but without any game-spooking odors. It repels more that just mosquitoes too; it also repels other biting injects. They make pouches for them that clip, making this easy to take with you, or hang on your stand or in your blind. They do get hot, so you cant put them in thingsNo hunting outing should ever be without a thermacell, hands down. The repellant lasts about 12 hours, and refills can be bought anywhere from Walmart to outdoor stores. Though they can get slightly expensive to refill if you hunt for entire days at a time, it beats getting eaten alive!

  • Odorless
  • Silent
  • Small
  • Portable

  • It gets hot
  • Doesn't work well in wind
  • Takes time to heat up

I strayed from my normal today, and picked up a new set of broadheads. I have been using Muzzy's for well over 4 years. Today I decided I wanted to try the Exodus by QAD. I have heard all kind of stories about them, and seeing as I don't pull back more then 45lbs mechanical broad heads were out of the question (those work better for people with a 60+ lb draw) So, the Exodus it was!

Of course, when I got home I had to try them out! Let me tell you... WOW. They really do shoot exactly like my field tips. They allow me to shoot with a better range too. These broad heads are small, but have a dangerous radius, exactly what I was looking for. They did some damage to my block, exactly what I love to see. I will definitely be using these this hunting season, with updates to come as I take down some monster game!

Shoots just like my field tips
Stay on target
Great accuracy at further ranges than normal
Awesome damage circumference

It seems like every pack I have bought has one broadhead that just won't screw into my arrow! I have gotten 2 packs of them (they sell in packs of 3) and it appears that there is always one that no matter what arrow I put it on, it won't fit!


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    September 2013