I strayed from my normal today, and picked up a new set of broadheads. I have been using Muzzy's for well over 4 years. Today I decided I wanted to try the Exodus by QAD. I have heard all kind of stories about them, and seeing as I don't pull back more then 45lbs mechanical broad heads were out of the question (those work better for people with a 60+ lb draw) So, the Exodus it was!

Of course, when I got home I had to try them out! Let me tell you... WOW. They really do shoot exactly like my field tips. They allow me to shoot with a better range too. These broad heads are small, but have a dangerous radius, exactly what I was looking for. They did some damage to my block, exactly what I love to see. I will definitely be using these this hunting season, with updates to come as I take down some monster game!

Shoots just like my field tips
Stay on target
Great accuracy at further ranges than normal
Awesome damage circumference

It seems like every pack I have bought has one broadhead that just won't screw into my arrow! I have gotten 2 packs of them (they sell in packs of 3) and it appears that there is always one that no matter what arrow I put it on, it won't fit!

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    September 2013